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Five New Amendments: Next Steps for Constitutional Change

A Center for Constitutional Design & National Constitution Center partnership discussion about amending the U.S. Constitution.

This week “Constitutional Conversations” is sharing video from an event co-hosted by the Center for Constitutional Design (CCD) at Arizona State University’s Sandra Day O’Connor College of Law and the National Constitution Center (NCC) to discuss amendments to the U.S. Constitution proposed by the NCC’s “Constitution Drafting Project.” This pathbreaking initiative asked three teams of progressive, libertarian, and conservative scholars to convene online for a constitutional convention. After a week of dialogue, deliberation and compromise, the ideologically diverse delegates agreed on proposals for five constitutional amendments, ranging from term limits for Supreme Court justices to resurrecting the legislative veto and making it easier for national majorities to amend the Constitution.  In a conversation moderated by NCC President and CEO Jeffrey Rosen, leaders of the three teams—Caroline Fredrickson, of the Georgetown Law School and senior fellow at the Brennan Center; Ilan Wurman, of the Sandra Day O’Connor College of Law at Arizona State University, and Ilya Shapiro, of the Manhattan Institute came together to discuss the amendments and the next steps for constitutional reform.

The Center for Constitutional Design and the National Constitution Center are partnering to host a series of such events to introduce conversations about amending the Constitution and whether these good government amendment proposals could generate consensus and bring Americans together to agree on ways to move beyond the polarized partisan divide. 

This event was held March 27, 2023, at Arizona State University’s Barbara Barrett and Sandra Day O’Connor Washington Center in Washington D.C.

Constitutional Conversations
Constitutional Conversations